General / 07 April 2019

Feeling nostalgic and looking for a quick still-life to keep my skills in check, I turned to my childhood for inspiration. My goal was to achieve realism while being accurate to the source content. The label art was hand painted in Photoshop from photo reference only, (no scan data was used.) It was surprisingly fun and refreshing to get back into Photoshop again, and just paint. Matching fonts and colors was a fun challenge, as well as the unexpected difficulty of creating the carpet. This was a fun break from the usual pieces I do, and it reminded me that you always learn something new from every piece you make.

- Scene was modeled in 3ds Max - Textured in Substance Painter and Photoshop - Rendered in Marmoset 


Weldarmor Hoodies

General / 02 June 2014

While on the lookout for new and interesting projects, I always come across interesting new companies emerging. Finding Weldarmor was no exception. This company is new to the scene providing top quality apparel for workers in the welding industry. Working with this fine team for nearly a year, I am proud to have had the opportunity to be a part of their new, (and very sharp looking) website... WELDARMOR.CA

3D Printed Daft Punk Christmas Ornaments

General / 21 January 2013

After several months of work, I have successfully completed my custom made Daft Punk Christmas Ornaments. By modeling master sculpts in the computer and 3D printing them, I was able to make molds from the masters and pour hollow cast replicas. Like the band itself, these bad boys are truly one of a kind.

Calytrix Conference Booth

General / 04 January 2013

After months of hard work with the fine people of Calytrix Techniologies, my conference booth design has come to a reality for the 2012 I/ITSEC conference in Orlando Florida. I was responsible for designing the framework and concept of the booth, as well as the high resolution art that was printed on the inner and outer walls. Auto CAD was used to design the booth to scale and renders were created in V-Ray. This was a challenging and enjoyable task for me, and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people to work with.

Borderlands 2 Badassaurus Rex

General / 27 November 2012

Very excited this week to see my Truckasaurus mesh in Borderlands 2 DLC. I hope battling this guy in game is as much fun as it was to make him.

Donald Duck 1 Day Sculpt

General / 06 November 2012

I had some free time today so I decided I would practice some cartoon stylized art. What better character to practice with than America's beloved duck?

Pin Up Ghoul 3D Print

General / 09 July 2012

A successful 3D print of my Pin Up Ghoul statue! Based on a concept by Greg Duffy in association with Creature Revenge Monster Studio, this statue stands at 7" tall.

Stormtrooper Helmet Zbrush sculpt

General / 25 February 2012

This was an art study to get better with hard surface sculpting in Z Brush. I felt a Stormtrooper helmet was a good candidate because of its flowing curves and hard angles.