Spacer's Choice Telescoping Staff

Here are some renders of the in-game model of the Spacer's Choice Telescoping Staff from The Outer Worlds. I feel very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to make the art for this weapon. The iconic Spacer's Choice Moon Man head for the mod variants was a nice departure from the usual hard surface items, and it also doubled as the art for the Moon Man helmet for characters.
I was responsible for all art related aspects of this weapon, as well as the attack mods and grip upgrades.
- Renders from Unreal Engine using layered materials.
Weapon Concept by Bree Guthrie:
Moon Man Concept by Brian Menze

Ken lesaint telestx 01
Ken lesaint telestx 02

Corrosion and Shock mods

Ken lesaint telestx 03

Plasma and N-Ray mods

Ken lesaint telestx 04
Ken lesaint telestx 05